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Luggage has been said to be an extension of the person and based on the numbers of different designs, features, and styles currently in the market this seems to be true. At Riverstone, we offer a wide range of luggage options from value sets to single piece ensembles with all the latest features available. All our programs can be color matched using pantones or from swatch samples. At Riverstone we work with all materials including Polyesters, PE, ripstop, mesh, and nylons to add to the designs asthetics and durability. We offer quick turnaround times from initial direction to samples while offering a quality product to the end consumer that is value driven.

The Riverstone line is designed to be customized to meet the specific needs of our retailers and their customers.

For more information please contact us directly.


  • Construction
    Soft side - frame
    Hard sided

  • Style
    Carry ons

  • Colors - ANY (through pantones or color swatch sample matching as well as patterns)

  • Wheels

  • In line

  • Handles

  • Extendable
    Locking/ non-locking
    T grip or U grip

  • Zippers and pulls - various styles available













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